Company overview

Designing technology currently sucks because design-and-build workflows are clunky and way too manual. Our product automates the development of user stories through a set of cool algorithms. It produces thorough, detailed information that technology build teams can use to make precisely what the customer needs —freeing up time and brain space to their customer, leaving the manual transformation of data to the machines. 

SquareBear is unique because it uses technology smarts to make data gathered during problem discovery and framing useful for technology teams. SquareBear essentially becomes part of the team, much like a junior Business Analyst.

Why call it SquareBear?

The name SquareBear s reflect the user interface, which is abstracted from a Business-Model-Canvas. Each square provides a view and consideration for the build. The squares in SquareBear add functionality, allowing you to choose just the correct set of squares to get your job done.

The first square, the user-story generation square, is part of the Cub release. It takes business information and algorithmically converts it into user stories for the build.

We believe that user stories are the fundamental unit of a build. They tie all the information together. By automating the creating of user stories, we are helping product teams put in place the correct set of placeholders to document their solution.

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